Sunday, July 10, 2016

Can you send a post to your blog with Office 365?

Yes it is possible although there are quite a few places you may get stuck. I tried to post to Blogger to which I have been posting a large number of posts, but the Microsoft UI comes with a message that it cannot contact the provider. I assume it is going to be fixed.

It will be a nice feature, if this can be made to work  easily. It can embellish the blog and most of the typos can be resolved before publishing.

Well how do you post to Blogger from Word?

I followed the procedure outlined here to create a post. I did not completely succeed due to the above reason and hope it will be cleared. I will of course update this post when that happens. The other problem seems to do with how to manage images, how to manage videos, etc.

Open Office 365 (after April 2016 update) Word document and go to file to display the following:


Click Share to open the Share pane to display; click the navigation for Post to blog. You can see couple of blog provider options to which you can post.


Click on the icon Post to Blog to open the following. If it is the first time you need to register the blog accounts:


Click Register Now. You will need to provider the blog provider you are using.


My blog provider is 'Blogger'. If you do not have a provider or it is not listed, you can use the links on the above to create one.

Click on 'Blogger' in the drop-down. It gets entered and the screen changes as shown.


Click Next to open the username/password for you blogger account as shown.


You need to enter your credentials for the Blog provider (Blogger). As to Picture options there are only two options, don't upload pictures or provide the address of My Server. 

Just to test how far I can go, I choose the option not to worry with images by choosing this option.

This is where the application needs to be improved! If I create a post with images inserted, the blog should be posted with the post with images. If I need to contend with yet another service, it gets complicated.
Also there appears to be some problem with registering.

After inserting credentials and clicking OK you may get this message.


I take the remedy suggested by Microsoft to go to my Blogger site here and enable LessSecureApps as shown:


However, I still get the same registering failed message.

Once the registering is  resolved, I may need to find a solution for the images.

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