Friday, July 3, 2015

What are the different Web Apps you can build in Microsoft Azure?

Between Web Apps and Native apps, the browser based Web Apps have a lot of advantages while in some cases Native Apps are more advantageous.

In the beginning there were ASP.NET Web sites and Cloud Services made their appearance later on Windows Azure, and now there are lots of Web Apps.

Under Web Apps you can build the following kind of apps. Some of the web apps can be built in the Windows Azure Portal and those in preview can only be accssesed in the preview portal:

  • App Service Environment
  • Application Insights
  • Template deployment-classic
  • Web App
  • Web App+MySQL
  • Web App+SQL
  • ......
While the above are all from Microsoft, there are others from third party such as:
  • DNN Platform from DNN Corporation
  • Scalable Wordpress from WordPress
  • Engine Yard Platform as Service
  • SendGrid Email Delivery from SendGrid
  • Umbraco CMS from
  • Notification Hub -not ready even for preview
  • Joomla! from Joomla
  • .....
There are many more and you login to the preview portal here to obtain the details (Search for Web+mobile).


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