Saturday, March 21, 2015

How do you design a Query using Query Editor in SQL Server Management Studio?

From scratch:
Open a Query pane in SSMS (from a database, for example) and right click to display the drop-down menu as shown.


Choose the Design Query in Editor... option and the Query Designer window gets displayed with a Add Tables window. You can add as many or as few tables as you want and design your query. Holding control key down, select multiple tables and click ADD to add all the selected tables. If you suspect that the data has changed recently, you can click Refresh to use latest data.


Display a query you created in the designer

You can create a query in the query pane. Highlight the query, right click the highlighted portion and select Design Query in Editor... as shown.

The query you designed gets displayed in the Query Editor as shown.

 Selecting the query and displaying it in designer will not work for more complicated queries.

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