Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can you chain remote desktop connections?

Yes you can.

You can link up multiple machines. Of course you will be using only one computer.

I have computer XPHTEK which I can access from my computer Hodentek.

I have a Laptop with WIFI wireless connected to the above two computers. I can access Hodentek as a remote connection from my laptop HODENTEK2 and from within the remote connection I can remote access XPHTEK. I have some word processing in a language other than English in each of these computers but I can work on them in my laptop and print it out to a shared printer on HODENTEK.


Karen said...

Most remote access products for remote desktop are not responsive to lockdown systems. But vendors such as RHUB are now offering remote access solutions that are capable to connect to lockdown systems, and more. With RHUB appliance, you can connect to up to 1000 PCs, remotely lock, reboot, or send Ctl+Alt+Del to your Remote PC.

Anonymous said...

Chaining remote desktop connections can be useful in a situation when one of your networks is protected. For example, you might use remote access software to gain entry to your home desktop that connects to your tablet, which is only accessible through your protected home network.